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What I dream for…

  1. HLL (health, luck, love) – everything other depends on us
  2. HLL for the people around me and those who were around me in the past
  3. Stenik Sofia – Stenik Munchen – Stenik London – Stenik NY – Stenik Tokio and offices big like a football fields
  4. No need no platinum watch, just the time in it
  5. No need to drive brand new cars. My driver will drive only concepts.
  6. All smart people up, all politics down
  7. All mean muggers -> barrack. To see who’s the man.
  8. Bulgaria = tax free country or at least no need to pay to the doctor if u pay ur insurances regulary
  9. My old ages ———> abroad
  10. Free mind

Those who know me will guess which are the real things and which – straight bullshits :D


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